How To Harness Cities’ Hidden Public Wealth for Noema magazine

Various illustrations

A selection of various for Bastille Magazine, Berliner Zeitung, Noema Magazine, De Standaard and Kiblind magazine among others.

AD : Uros Pajovic. In the aftermath of New Year’s Eve, a group of authors is writing about what is wrong with Berlin in the sense of violence and aggression exchange which every year peaks in the city streets on 31. December. They thus cover an array of topics, and I believe your elegant, poignant style could be a great fit in that, showing a brutal street scene (the section of the paper is called Brutal Berlin, and is the closer of the paper). Read more.

AD : Michaël Prigent. Bastille magazine asks me to illustrate the Course at the Collège de France, about the increasing scarcity of water.. How to face crucial environment challenges, soil degradation and impacts of pollution. Read more.

The body for De Standaard


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