2 Illustrations for Le Monde Argent. With the Financial Crises coming, the rising of the prices, the heavy management and the administrative complexity, is it still a good idea to invest in real estate to rent ?

“Buy to rent, is it a good Idea ? Read more.”

2 Illustrations for Le Monde l’époque. Startups or companies without office rents living or dinning rooms to gather their salaries.

“J’irai télétravailler chez vous, Read more.”

Unselected drawing

An illustration for a serie of articles about taking a nap in Le Monde. Along the summer Ophélie Neiman explores the benefits of the nap from a personal, social or poetic point of view. Learning how to tame your nap.

“As researcher Brice Faraut said in a book : Napping is an effortless and highly beneficial exercise, for everyone. But it’s all about finding the right timing for you. Read More.”

Unselected drawing


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